Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Welcome to the Chemistry blog!!

Hi! Please feel free to browse around my blog. Please use the right side-bar for navigation. Hopefully you will find something useful to aid you in your study of Chemistry.

I am a A levels Chemistry tutor who is an ex-JC teacher with 16 years of tutoring experience. For tuition enquiries, please sms me at 8586-233-9.

Thank you!!

Testimonials from students:

"Mr Chong made sure that certain examples that were out of syllabus (of higher level) were exposed to me. He always motivated me and made me want to try harder. My chemistry definitely improved under his care...." Apurv, PJC, 2014

"Very approachable teacher who makes me wanna improve and learn more!" Timothy, PJC, 2014

"He is able to convey the concepts clearly. Putting grades aside, Mr Chong is also a teacher who also cares for his student holistically. Whenever I feel down, he would never fail to give constant encouragements to make me fee better. He is no doubt a dedicated teacher and puts in his utmost efforts for his students. " Terence, SRJC, 2014